Monday, July 19, 2010

Brad and Tracy are surrounded by family, brothers, sisters, Philip and Amy, Matt, and Ben and Rachel. It is a bright spot in their lives. Being together as a family is wonderful support for them.. And spending time with their beautiful little grandchildren is a bright spot at this time.
Rachel and Ben came to see me and we took these cute pictures of Hyrum.
Enjoy this bright spot with me !!

I guess I really am not keeping up... I don't seem to have enough going on to blog about...
But today I am feeling up and down. I love Liz and am missing her... Yes I know she is in a wonderful place, but I didn't get enough time with her. There was a beautiful display at the funeral and viewing and I thought I'd share the pictures.. The BYU flew the flag at 1/2 mast, Her Daddy picked a casket of red and black her choice for what was to be her wedding. My mind tells me she's happy but my heart is still sad.