Friday, February 27, 2009

My Blast from the Past.

Aunt Irena sent me some pictures from the 1980's thought you might like to see them.
One of the few with my brothers and sisters together... And of course some cuties Mike, David, Marissa, and even Glenna's grandson Kris.
For those of you old enough.... notice the pictures of Mike and Marissa taken in Grandma Mendenhall's gold chair and a peek at her fireplace..

Draper Temple Open House

Glenna, Betty, Barbara, Diane, Marilyn and I all went to the Draper Temple open house today...
Really a beautiful temple and we went to lunch at the new Olive Garden in American Fork.
We had a great morning but of course I left my camera home so I can only scan the brochure.
I will add a link to the pictures of the inside in case your curious or can't make it there...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Denise to the rescue

I decided to finally let my dying poinsettia go and when I was vacuuming the last leaves when my vacuum died.... it began to smell and the belt broke.
Well I couldn't find my manual and was in the process of trying to find out how to change the belt on the web when Denise, Jeff, Emma and Josh came.... Denise found the manual, on the web, took the vacuum apart and changed the belt (thank goodness because I would have done it wrong)
Again I have no pictures.. but it was a sight..... vacuum, Denise and I on the floor, dirt everywhere, q-tips, a brush and brute force to put the new belt on, but I swear Denise can fix anything.
Give her a book or a manual and she can do anything. Of course Jeff says he taught her everything she knows ..... Hmmm

Matthews "Homecoming"

Sunday 02/22/09 we went to Farmington to Matt's homecoming. Greg and I went up a little early, visited with all the Harris clan and had a snack before church. Matt gave a great talk on the joy of the Gospel and what it brings to our lives.... He talked a little about his decision to stay in Kentucky even though school (and his scholarship) were starting . He felt that the extra two weeks were so worth it for him and the family he was working with. He's such a hard worker that he has caught up all his work already and can finally relax.. Tracy, Rachel, and Elizabeth sang a beautiful song "The Olive Tree" You can hear it here but ...
it was really fun to hear the Harris girls beautiful voices. Of course I left my camera home so I called Bradley and hope he sends me a few pictures to share. If not this will be "words and music only " post.
Love you all

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's hard to believe that I was just 30 the other day.....Time flies when your having fun( or something like that.)
We had a really fun potato bar and chocolate fondue... The cheese fondue was a bust but I'll try again.... (if you have a good recipe let me know)
Tracy brought a wonderful jello salad. So good in fact I missed it. Next party I'll try to remember to ask her to bring it again.
Cindy made a luscious cake and spinach salad (see her blog for pictures and recipe........ for the pictures... I forgot to get my camera out in time..
Thanks Candise for catching a few pictures before everyone left...