Friday, April 24, 2009

A Time for Joy..., A Time for Tears

Today was graduation day for Philip, Rachel, and Ben.
Time flies so fast. Philip and Amy are heading for graduate school (undecided yet, too many opportunities and a big decision ahead) Ben got his Masters of Accounting and Rachel her B.A. in Linguistics and are headed to Washington.... He has a job promised in the Fall and they will take the time to get settled and relax. They have promised me a blog so we can keep in touch with them. So coming soon "THE BEN AND RACHEL BLOG !!
JOY is that I am so proud of them !
TEARS is that I will miss them very much !

I hope to get some pictures from Brad and Tracy soon so I will post them as soon as they get settled..


  1. congrats to all the graduates!! you are lucky to have such great grandkids :)

  2. We miss you too, Grandma!! I started working on a blog for you today so I hope I'll get it up and running soon!