Saturday, August 21, 2010

Return with Honor

Max arrived at 2:35 Wednesday the 18th of August. He looked great and was wearing a cowboy hat to please the family.. He has had a great mission and learned and taught and I can't wait to hear him on Sunday the 22nd of August.
The family has gathered in Salt Lake City for a few days to share some family time with Max. We did miss Jill who is toooo close to having her baby to fly or drive. Candise "skyped" with her and we got to say hello...Helen and I had a fun time Wednesday and Thursday driving back and forth (we love our own bed)and visiting with the family and each other.


  1. Thanks for your support! We are glad Max is home, we have had 3 fun days with our children and grandchildren. I'm glad you joined us.

  2. Yay! It's exciting to see a missionary return with honor (in a cowboy hat, no less!) Well done, Max!
    Thanks for the post, Grandma!