Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home with Honor Matthew is Home !!!!

Everyone in the family that could get away went to meet and greet Matt at the airport and then went to eat in Bountiful... It was so fun to see him and I thought he looked really different. I am amazed at what 2 years will do. He is excited to get in school, in fact he is already in school since it started a week ago. Sooo ... no rest for him....
Love you Matt....


  1. Welcome home Matt...and yippee for our bloggin' Grandma! It will be a great way to keep up and share fun times.

  2. Boy, does Matt look like Uncle Brad!! I'll have to second Candise, Yippee for blogs! So happy you have one.

  3. I love it! You are so tec savvy, grandma! Thanks for coming with us today, it was fun to talk with you! And thanks for posting pictures, too. :)
    Is there a list compiled anywhere of everyone's blogs in the family? I don't have one of my own yet (maybe eventually...) but it would be nice to be able to look at everyone's once in a while, right now I just do when I get an email about it!